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Ark Survival Ascended Launch Trailer

Wild Baby Argent Screenshot


With the launch of Ark Survival Ascended approaching, there are a few improvements we can look forward to! Below is a summary of some of the changes.
New Content
  • Over time 11 Brand-new creatures will be released
  • New mini-map system (pan, zoom, pings, etc.)
  • New structures (display cases, smaller TEK Teleporters, building pieces)
  • Total UI Revamp
  • Photo Mode New camera systems for players and dinos, with the option to revert to the old systems
  • New Dino-Manager system (view the real-time status and track-locations of all your creatures at will through one unified menu)
  • And more to come!
Improved Graphics
  • Structures and Dinos
    • The stasis-replication range for structures and dinos will be significantly increased, around +70%.
    • This means you'll be able to see them from further way before they “de-render”.
    • Bases will also run much better!
  • Terrain
    • Dynamic water
    • Interactive physical foliage
There will be Wild Babies.
There will be the Extra Life event with the Rate Boosts.
The next Event will be Winter Wonderland in December.
Cryopods will not be available at launch. They will most likely become available with their corresponding DLC, Extinction.
You will not be able to level your Survivor's Movement Speed skill. Leveling Speed has been disabled for all Creatures and Survivors.
3 Phase Approach
  • Phase 1 (Timeframe - Launch)
    • Crossplay will be enabled for Xbox Series X/S, Windows PC, and PlayStation 5.
    • Crossplay will not work for Steam PC at launch.
  • Phase 2 (Timeframe - December)
    • Crossplay will be enabled for all platforms.
    • The PC Steam network will be merged with the specific Xbox, Playstation, and Windows networks.
  • Phase 3 (Timeframe - 2024)
  • Cross Progression will be enabled.